Saturday, November 10, 2012

Incomprehensible instructions - the New Power Omnipotence Charger

This morning I bought an external phone battery charger. The guy in the shop showed me how to use it, which was just as well.

These are the instructions, in pure Chinglish, printed on the side of the box in tiny (like 3pt) condensed type.

I've tried to get this version as close as possible to the original, but some of it is almost impossible to read, especially the bits printed over the darker grey banding.

All of it is impossible to understand.

Reference of New Power Omnipotence Charger

Usage step

1. First adjust well the shrapnel according to positive and negative plate of battery, patting into the battery and make battery pole sliee get in touch well with the shrapnel. Then press the "TEST" button, if conlight turnbright, the pole is right; if not, press the "switch" to change the polarity. Then press "TEST" button until the lightumom.

2. Plug into the power source (no batlery, light turn bright, power designatio light is bright), place the battery, "PUL" light pur out, "CH" lightflashworkstart.

3. Whenfill with the electricity, the FUL light become bright gradelly until the "CH" light put on all the "FUL" lights on, first electricize completely. It is best to continue thetiny flows for 1~2 hours if no urgect use to guarantee the best results.

Warning: forbidden electricize the battery without electrification function,

  • It is suitable to lithium phone battery that capaliry below 200mAh, and inside is high ionction swneh powersources, the voltage orientation scope is wide, Alternate Current 100.200v.
  • Micro-computer sliee control the process of electrification and turn onle clriticy high speed and efficiency. When finishitshut down anto malionreally and safety is edpendable.
  • The shape is agile, take convenience, operation simple, fit to the majotity lithium ioncellular phone battety.
At least it seems to work.

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