Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Fast food rockers

Bath and North East Somerset Council have said they want to set up their own cafe in premises currently occupied by Binks restaurant. The council own the property, and don't want to renew the lease.

The full story's here at thisisbath.co.uk.

Binks has a prime site in Bath city centre, but offers contrasting fare and ambience to the slightly-more-famous Pump Room on the opposite side of Abbey Church Yard.

Binks trades in fish and chips, cheezburgers and chips, sausages and chips, scampi and chips, mushy peas, pizzas and sundaes, at what might be called "tourist rates". Cheap and cheerful, if you're being polite.


If reader comments on thisisbath.co.uk are anything to go by, it won't be missed by the locals. It has to be said that after one visit you're unlikely to be drawn back again.

That part of Bath has been screaming for a decent inexpensive restaurant for years, and years, and years. If the council want to force the issue, then bring it on.

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